What are the best players/companies in the e-commerce business in 2022?

The list of the top ten eCommerce companies globally is currently dominated by American companies, with five of the ten headquartered in the US.

Currently topping the list of top eCommerce companies is e-commerce giant Amazon. As of January 2022, its market value stands at a whopping $1.649 trillion.

The second-biggest e-commerce company is also headquartered in the US. Home Depot’s market value is $411.02 billion, a 43.73 percent annual increase. This is followed by Walmart, which ranks third with a market value of $401.91 billion.

Fourth on the top eCommerce companies list is China’s Alibaba, with a market value of $351.9 billion. Jack Ma’s company has almost doubled its net revenue in the two years spanning 2019 to 2021 from approximately $59 billion to $113 billion.

The fifth-biggest online retailer in the world is Prosus, a multinational conglomerate company headquartered in the Netherlands. Its market value in 2022 is $254.55 billion.

Ecommerce Companies and their market value in 2022

Here are the sixth- to tenth-biggest online retailers in the world and their market values:

Costco Wholesale Corporation: $237.76 billion

Reliance Industries: $220.76 billion

Meituan Dianping: $160.51 billion

Shopify: $143.34 billion

Target Corporation: $110.57 billion

The top ten eCommerce companies in the world are scattered across three different continents, with six from North America, three from Asia, and one from Europe.

Although there are many other e-commerce companies that are growing day by day and these companies are:



and the list goes on.



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